Verein zur Förderung innovativer Technologie

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ALK Price set at VFIT:



The first pick-up voucher for 100% bio-alcohol on the block chain.

Professional, safe and without storage problems

  • Buy the tangible asset bio-alcohol and protect yourself against inflation.
  • Your partner, the "Association for the Promotion of Innovative Technology" (VFIT) is a non-profit organisation and therefore not profit-oriented, and is also highly regulated.
  • We store your bio-alcohol  until February of 2034. For one liter of pure bio-alcohol you receive an AlkCoin® as a transferable secure pick-up voucher. The organic alcohol is stored professionally near Vienna, Austria. The exact storage location is secret for security reasons. After 2034 the ALK can be activated by paying additional storage costs. 
  • Collect your bio-alcohol directly from the VFIT in Vienna or exchange the AlkCoin® on a crypto exchange.
  • Improve your carbon footprint by storing approx. 1.5 kg of CO2 with each AlkCoin®.

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