Verein zur Förderung innovativer Technologie

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The AlkCoin

Do you want to protect yourself from inflation? Buy pure organic alcohol.

Professional, safe and without storage problems

  • Buy the tangible asset bio-alcohol and protect yourself against inflation.
  • Your partner, the "Association for the Promotion of Innovative Technology (VFIT)" is a non-profit organisation and therefore not profit-oriented, and is also highly regulated.
  • We store your bio-alcohol. For one litre of pure bio-alcohol you receive an AlkCoin® as a transferable secure collection voucher. 
  • Collect your bio-alcohol directly from the VFIT or exchange the AlkCoin® on a decentralised crypto exchange starting in 2023.
  • Secure handling is guaranteed by blockchain technology with minimal energy consumption through "Proof of Stake". 
  • Improve your carbon footprint by storing approx. 1 kg of CO2 with each AlkCoin®.


  • AlkCoin
  • AlkCoin

What do I buy with AlkCoin®?
With AlkCoin® you are primarily buying inflation protection as well as the possibility to lock in CO2. You buy the bio-alcohol incl. taxes. 

Bio-alcohol will always have a value as:
- chemical raw material
- fuel of high energy density
- disinfectant
- stimulant

If inflation rises, the price of the bio-alcohol also rises. Thus, the value of the AlkCoin® is preserved, because you can exchange it for the inflated price on a crypto exchange. Moreover, you can pick up the bio-alcohol at any time, at no extra cost. 

Why should I buy AlkCoin®?  
1) I would like to buy AlkCoin® to be able to exchange it when needed and to keep the purchasing power in the meantime.
2) I want to hold a certain amount of money in AlkCoin® for the long term to benefit from price increases due to inflation.
3) With each AlkCoin® I would like to lock up approx. 1kg of CO2 for years and help to reduce global warming.

More details:
You have two options to receive your AlkCoin.
Customers who are familiar with the crypto world receive their AlkCoin® by making a transaction on the Ethereum Chain. We send the AlkCoin® directly to your crypto wallet. You can find more information on our FAQ page.
For customers who do not want to have anything to do with the crypto world, we will send a Paper Wallet (A document containing a tamper-proof code that confirms you have received your AlkCoin® and thus your bio-alcohol) by post. The paper wallet entitles you to collect the bio-alcohol.

The AlkCoin® is a token on the "Ethereum Blockchain". One AlkCoin® acts as a transferable and forgery-proof collection voucher for one litre of bio-alcohol.

Settlement takes place in the form of euros or other services in accordance with the VFIT statutes.

The bio-alcohol is stored professionally and can be collected with the AlkCoin® pure, or converted into derivatives of equal value.

The AlkCoin® price keeps pace with inflation, as it is made up of real production, storage costs and taxes. It thus provides protection against loss of purchasing power. 

The AlkCoin® will be exchangeable on decentralised crypto exchange.

You can find all the information in our whitepaper.